Marriage failed: Jenke von Wilmsdorff kept the separation secret

marriage failed
Jenke von Wilmsdorff kept the separation a secret

On television you can see Jenke von Wilmsdorff in many a situation that others would rather not show themselves in. For his job he goes beyond borders. In private, however, he likes to keep a low profile. And so he only now admits that he has been separated from his wife for a while.

Journalist and moderator Jenke von Wilmsdorff is known for going beyond the limits of his job – both mentally and physically. For example, he tested LSD in front of the TV cameras, had himself treated almost beyond recognition with Botox and hyaluronic acid and most recently devoted himself to the subject of depression. On the other hand, he apparently prefers to keep secret what the 56-year-old’s private life looks like. And so it is only now that he has been separated from his wife for some time.

Jenke von Wilmsdorff and his ex Mia Bergmann in 2019.

(Photo: imago/Sven Simon)

For the aforementioned episode of “Jenke. Experiment Psyche” he went into isolation, without contact with the outside world, without being distracted by a smartphone or streaming services. In addition, hardly any sunlight and a lot of bad news. And the worst part: Without knowing how long the experiment will last. While von Wilmsdorff initially did well, the mood soon changed. He began to ponder more and more – not only about the world situation, but probably also about his personal situation.

The “most private experiment”

“It’s the most private experiment I’ve ever done,” said von Wilmsdorff before the ProSieben show was broadcast yesterday evening, because his failed marriage to Mia Bergmann was also discussed for the first time. Exactly when the couple ended the relationship remains open, but von Wilmsdorff has announced other details from that time. “When my wife and I separated, I was also in an extremely emotional situation. Because I had the feeling again that I had failed. Again the feeling that I had fallen back into old patterns. Again the question: how destructive it was me in this relationship? All these questions…”

Jenke von Wilmsdorff and Mia Bergmann got married in 2015. Shortly thereafter, in an interview with the magazine “Ok!” reports: “She supports me all along the line and gives me support. And she is the funniest person I know.” Von Wilmsdorff has a son from a previous relationship, the now grown-up Jánik.

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