"Marriage at first sight": Season finale! These couples say "Yes" to marriage

“Marriage at First Sight”
season finale! These couples say “yes” to marriage

“Marriage at First Sight”

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In the finale of the “Marriage at First Sight” series, one surprise followed the next – but it was not the candidates on the show who caused the biggest goosebumps moment…

In the finale of the ninth season “Marriage at First Sight”, the sex and love experts and the couples who have been brought together are faced with the decision of whether to continue life as a married couple or not. There were many surprises – but it was not the candidates themselves who caused the biggest goose bumps, but matching expert Dr. Sandra Köhldorfer, 41, and her boyfriend Ryan.

These couples choose to marry

Jana and Mark

Right at the beginning of the decision, Jana, 26, and Markus, 32, showed what they feel for each other with a kiss. The two have obviously decided to continue their marriage. It was particularly emotional when Jana confessed her feelings to Markus: “I’ll just say it now: I love you.”

Michaela and Oliver

Oliver, 43, and Michaela, 34, also decide to marry. The otherwise cooler-looking couple got surprisingly emotional at the announcement and are now even planning to move in together.

Jacqueline and Peter

Jaqueline, 26, and Peter, 34, still can’t believe their luck. From the start, the couple seemed to get along very well – no wonder they were affectionately called “Barbie and Ken” by the other candidates. For them, too, science became love.

Kinga and Morten

It was also romantic for Kinga, 38, and Morten, 41. The two decide on a future together and even symbolically put on their wedding rings again in front of the experts.

Unfortunately, there was no happy ending for Christoph and Nadine and Dennis and Natascha this time.

Nobody expected this surprise – especially not her

dr Sandra Köhldorfer has been an integral part of the TV show “Marriage at First Sight” since the first season and, together with her colleagues, is responsible for bringing people together who, according to science, form a perfect couple. For nine seasons, the psychotherapist has been making sure that strangers step in front of the altar and say yes to each other. What nobody knew until now: The 41-year-old has long wanted to close the bond of marriage herself.

At the end of the final show, the love expert expected a surprise that she probably least expected. Her boyfriend Ryan planned the big surprise together with the production team of “Wedding at First Sight”. When he drove up in a limousine at the end of the evening, the candidates and sex therapist Beate Quinn, 52, were also amazed. With a knee, Ryan asked for the hand of the psychotherapist. “Our time so far has been beautiful and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life without her,” he said on the show. A successful end to the wedding show that couldn’t have been better.

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