"marriage at first sight"-Samantha raises son alone

You have to adapt to a new situation! In early July, the wedding at first sight couple Samantha and Serkan announced their split. Despite their son, their love failed three years after participating in the TV experiment. The tax clerk had announced that from now on she would be alone with her son in the future. Now Samantha made it clear again that she will probably raise her child without Serkan’s support.

“I know it’s going to be hard being a single mom. But I’d rather do it alone than with someone who doesn’t want it.”, she clarified under pictures with her offspring in a cornfield. Having a child is simply a miracle for Samantha: “It’s never a mistake, a problem, a burden, a punishment or an accident”. She and her son will always give each other support and be there for each other in the future. “We will do it, even on our own, but above all happy,” the proud mom concluded her contribution.

In another post, Samantha had already explained how exhausting life as a single mom is for her: “I’m tired and exhausted”. Nevertheless, she would try to reconcile her job, the household and her child as best as possible and she is very grateful for her son. “I would do everything the same way again and again. Every day I give everything for my child, my flesh and blood”made the TV popularity clear.

Sat.1 / Christoph Assmann

Samantha and Serkan in “Wedding at First Sight”

Instagram / samantha_hadeb

Samantha from Marriage at First Sight with her son

Instagram / samantha_hadeb

Serkan and Samantha from “Wedding at First Sight”

Are you surprised that Samantha is now raising the son alone?

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