"marriage at first sight"-Mel counters allegations from ex

Melissa fights back! In 2019, the teacher met and fell in love with Philipp at first sight at the wedding. A year later, the couple even became parents for the first time. But the love happiness of the two broke in 2021. Since then, the Hamburgers have been fighting a mud fight on the net. last claimed Philipthat his ex wouldn’t let her son sleep over at his place. That’s possible Melissa not liked and clarifies the circumstances of the limited contact.

“My inbox is full of negative messages because of a decision I didn’t make. I consciously say that I didn’t make this decision, but third parties and that actually for very legitimate reasons”the influencer explains to her fans in her Instagram-Story up. However, she does not want to reveal the reasons for this. Nonetheless Melissa clear: “I fully support the decision that third parties have made, because this is about the well-being of our son.”

In general, the former dome show candidate is not exactly good at talking to her ex. When asked if they’d rather stay single forever or get back with Philip would enter into a relationship, she had a clear answer at the beginning of last year. “Clearly stay single forever”had Melissa stressed.

Instagram / melissa_aufdenerstenblick

Melissa, Marriage at First Sight contestant 2019

Instagram / philipp_aufdenerstenblick

“Marriage at first sight” – Philipp with his son

Instagram / melissa_aufdenerstenblick

“Marriage at First Sight” Melissa with her son

Do you think Melissa will reveal more about this soon?

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