"marriage at first sight"-Markust: More separations?

What is Mark implying here? This year, at the wedding, he looked for great love at first sight – and even said yes to fellow combatant Jana in the finale. But as Markus now announced, happiness was probably short-lived: Jana and he are now apparently separated. But in his post he also hinted that there could be more divorces!

on Instagram Markus now not only indicated his separation from Jana – he also shot in the direction of his dome show colleagues at the same time: “I know from a reliable source of another couple who are no longer together, why isn’t there a statement?” He feels cornered by the other participants: “I find it sad that the other candidates are pillorying us here, even though they have enough secrets.”

Oliver and Michaela took part in the relay this year together with Markus and Jana. Opposite to celebrity flash they said afterwards that not all marriages had lasted. “That sounds like Oliver and Michaela aren’t together anymore?”a user under Markus’ post worries about the two.

“Marriage at first sight”, Sat.1

Markus and Jana at their “marriage at first sight”

Marriage at first sight, Sat.1

“Marriage at first sight” – Jana and Markus

Marriage at first sight, Sat.1

“Marriage at first sight” – Michaela and Oliver

Do you think there really are more breakups?

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