"marriage at first sight": Great love! These couples are still married

In the nine seasons now, numerous singles have walked down the aisle in the TV format “Marriage at First Sight”. But what became of all the couples? While for some the experiment did not end as hoped, others have found their greatest happiness.

“Yes, I want” is probably the most frequently spoken sentence in the show “Marriage at First Sight”. But who wants after the show? In the love experiment, singles say yes to each other without even having met once before. After that, the newlyweds will go on their honeymoon before they have to decide in the final: Do they want to stay together or not? In the past eight seasons, the ninth is currently running, the experiment has become love for some couples.

“Marriage at first sight”: These couples are still together

Nothing can separate Ramona and Stephan

They are THE model couple! Ramona and Stephan stepped in front of the altar in the third season of “Marriage at First Sight” in 2016 – and are still grateful to have dared to take this step. The experiment worked so well for the two because they “felt a close relationship from the start,” Stephan said recently in an interview with SAT.1. His sweetheart obliged, adding that they “complement each other perfectly.”

In the meantime, they have built a life together in Monschau in North Rhine-Westphalia and celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in July of this year. The couple wrote about a couple photo on their joint Instagram account: “Wow, how time flies. 6 years ago today, none of us would have thought what flowers and fruits we would have with the seeds planted there by the @hochzeitaufdenerstenblick team […] allowed to harvest today. Thanks to all of you and especially to us for always believing and working in the experiment and our love. [sic]”So Ramona and Stephan are now in the proverbial darned seventh year. However, they would not have any concerns about that, as they revealed to SAT.1. Why should they? The two seem to be made for each other.

Annika and Manuel want to marry a second time

At first, Annika and Manuel didn’t seem to be going too well. Although they said yes in the seventh season of the show in 2020, they repeatedly reached their limits and communication was difficult. But they didn’t want to give up and worked on their relationship – with success! Not only did they remain a couple, they are still happy today and even want to swear eternal love to each other again.

The warehouse logistician revealed this in February 2022 via Instagram. “Since we were planning to celebrate our wedding a little bigger with family and friends, the big requirement was: to propose to Annika. It’s not always peace, joy, pancakes … but in a marriage you have to take and give , compromise and read between the lines [sic]”He wrote about the recordings of the romantic evening. Apparently the second wedding has not happened yet, but there is a specific reason: Annika and Manuel have become parents.

The couple shared the sweet and surprising news in early September. “Science really gave birth to love – and love became another life. We gave our full attention to our little daughter, who stole our heart,” reads a photo of her daughter’s little feet. Since then, Manuel and Annika have been enjoying their family happiness – and maybe the wedding bells will ring again soon.

Marcus and Simone keep their love private

Marcus and Simone’s relationship slowly got rolling. Almost hesitantly, they said yes in 2021 in the eighth season of “Marriage at First Sight”. But their bond grew stronger and eventually they decided to marry at the end of the show. The two are still in a relationship today. However, they want to keep their love private, after the shooting the couple withdrew from the public.

Vanessa and Peter: Love in a roundabout way

In 2015, Vanessa and Peter appeared in the second season of the SAT.1 show – and each married someone else. Peter walked down the aisle with Jasmine and Vanessa said “yes” to David. Their marriages didn’t last, and later Vanessa and Peter eventually fell in love off-camera.

In 2018 their daughter Sanyana saw the light of day, a year later the Cologne native and the hotel manager got married. In October 2020, son Leon finally crowned her happiness in love. Even if the experiment on “Marriage at First Sight” didn’t work out for either of them, Vanessa and Peter should be happy about their participation.

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