Marlisa and Fabio separated: TV friends are shocked!

Nobody would have expected that. Marlisa and Fabio announced their final separation on Tuesday, although the two TV stars have already endured several reality TV formats together: Most recently they fought other couples on #CoupleChallenge, before that they demonstrated their loyalty to Temptation Island. They made a few friends at the shows – and they are quite shocked by the sudden love affair between Marlisa and Fabio!

In an emotional one Instagram-Video explained the 27-year-old the reasons for the love-off. In the comments below, the condolences of the fans overturned, but among them were also many familiar faces! “I’m so sorry to hear that, but I still wish you both the best on your future path”wrote, for example, the influencer Paulina Ljubas (25). Former Love Island candidate Anna Iffländer was also sad: “It’s a shame to hear that. All the best for both of you. Cheer up.”

But many of his friends also offered to help Fabio. “I’m always there for you”wrote Cedric Beidinger, who also fought with the two of them on “#CoupleChallenge”. The reality star can also count on consolation with Calvin Kleinen (29): “Come over, you’re in good hands with me.”

Mrs. Marlisa and her friend Fabio
Paulina Ljubas, Influencerin

Instagram / paulina_ljubas

Paulina Ljubas, Influencerin
Cedric Beidinger, Anna Iffländer, Mrs.Marlisa, Fabio De Pasquale and Marc Zimmermann

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