Mark Forster: Mark Forster makes momentous decision – fans divided

Mark Forster
He’s postponing his tour for a year

Mark Forster needs a break from the busy touring life on stage.

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Mark Forster has postponed his tour scheduled for spring 2023 for more than a year – not all fans understand that.

Mark Forster, 39, has postponed his full 2023 tour by a year. The pop star announced the new dates on Instagram and explained the reason for the surprising shift.

Mark Forster: “I just need something else”

The advance booking numbers or Corona are not the problem, Forster honestly said in the post. He would have made the decision himself. The reason: He would have played more concerts this year than ever before. Work on the tour, which would have started in February 2023, should start now. “Think about the show, think up the stage and of course rehearse,” says Forster.

Apparently not a nice idea for the singer at the moment: “But if I listen to myself, I just need something else.” Instead, he wants to work on new music, realize one or two projects that he’s been thinking about for a while. “Do stuff. Not really vacation, but free stuff.”

Not all fans understand

The musician tries to comfort the disappointed fans with the 2023 stadium concert in Kaiserslautern and a handful of open air events in the summer. And he makes it clear: “I know about the privilege of experiencing these concert evenings with you. That’s why it’s so difficult for me to say that, but: The tour dates are too early for me.” He very much hopes that his fans will understand that, Forster continues.

However, not everyone can do that. In addition to many fans, who understand that Forster presses the pause button, many complain in the comments. “Seriously???? Sorry, my understanding is a bit limited. Then please don’t plan a tour if you need time for yourself and projects etc.,” writes a user. Another says angrily: “We’re still waiting for the concert in Lautern, which has been postponed four times and I can’t understand it now.” Another fan had planned the card as a Christmas present for his seven-year-old daughter: “I can’t give her a present for 2024,” he complains.

From March 26, 2024, the new dates will take Forster from Halle to Vienna on May 25, 2024 via 24 concert dates, for example in Munich, Berlin, Freiburg, Leipzig or Nuremberg. Tickets that have already been purchased remain valid, but can also be returned and reimbursed .

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