Marius Gilbert: “The urgency is to reduce the amount of infectious contacts, vaccinated, non-vaccinated, whatever”

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In the aftermath of a kern, the federal government consults with the Regions and the Communities with the message that “we must multiply the layers of protection”, in the words of Vice-Premier Ecolo Georges Gilkinet.

The latter was present on television (LN24) then on radio (BelRTL) Friday morning before Codeco. The Green Minister stressed during these interventions that he is pushing for a much wider use of rapid tests. They could be free, he believes, and should in any case be used more voluntarily by the population, for example to test themselves before a family celebration, a meeting with fragile people or a sports match.

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The press evokes a whole series of potential new limitations, in the hospitality industry, party places, etc. Scientists working on the airwaves, for their part, underlined the need to apply, above all, seriously the known barrier gestures and precautionary measures (teleworking, isolation as soon as one is at risk of having been contaminated, wearing a mask, distancing , etc.).

“The decrease in social and professional mobility, barrier gestures when you are indoors, individual caution in any situation, this remains the key”, commented at the microphone of DH Radio the doctor epidemiologist Yves Coppieters. “What we can decide today are additional measures”, but the essential basis remains the same.

“The urgency is to reduce the amount of infectious contacts, vaccinated, unvaccinated, whatever,” said epidemiologist Marius Gilbert on La Première. This has everything to do with the effectiveness of the vaccine against the infection, which decreases after a few months, combined with the fact that the vaccinated people tend to have more contact. The other recommended axis, indicates Marius Gilbert, is therefore at the same time to enhance the protection offered by the vaccine with booster doses (“booster” doses).

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