Marion Maréchal mom: The politician announces the birth of her baby through a tender snapshot!

Recently invited on the set of “Restons Zen”, Marion Maréchal confided in her pregnancy. ” Having managed my timing well, I have to give birth on the day of the second round (of the legislative elections, editor’s note) “explained the 32-year-old politician. Unfortunately, the latter’s calculations were not entirely accurate. According to a photo posted on the Instagram account of her husband, Vincenzo Sofo, the niece of Marine Le Pen would have given birth to her second child this Friday, June 10. That is, 8 days before the scheduled date.

Sorry if I’ve been absent lately, but I had to get ready for the most beautiful thing of my life: welcome to the world my little one, now every battle will have even more meaning “wrote the Italian politician in the caption of a tender photo of his hand holding that of the newborn.

For her part, Marion Maréchal also posted an adorable photo on her own networks. She revealed, at the same time, the sex and first name of the child. If Vincenzo Sofo wanted at all costs to give an Italian first name, his companion was not of the same opinion. She had also said not to let it go. And the least we can say is that she will have ended up winning the war since the little girl who comes to enlarge the politico-family clan is called Clotilde, a first name of Germanic origin which means “glory” and ” fight”.

“Another reason to fight”

Although I was not able to get involved in this legislative campaign as I would have liked, I received this weekend an additional reason to fight for France. “, declared Marion Maréchal in her last publication. A post that sparked strong reactions. Indeed, many Internet users congratulated the young parents.


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