Mário Ferreira went to Espaço and returned in 10 minutes. How much does this unique experience cost?

Mário Ferreira boarded the New Shepard rocket this Thursday, August 4, in the company of five other crew members for a short trip to space. And how much did the 10 minutes of this unique experience cost?

Blue Origin, a space tourism company, did not disclose the values, similarly to what happened on other trips, but could not avoid the curiosity around the topic.

One of the seats was sold for an astronomical value of 28 million dollars because it happened through an auction. The entrepreneur, on the other hand, will have paid a considerably lower amount (still within the reach of few).

In 2018, an article by Reuters mentioned that a short space trip would be between 200 and 300 thousand dollars. It is believed that Mário Ferreira paid an approximate amount to become the first Portuguese astronaut.

On dry land, the businessman did not elaborate on the experience, but promised to do so today. “I arrived, it was an unbelievable experience, it’s late, tomorrow I’ll tell you everything in detail… a hug”wrote on LinkedIn.

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