Mario Draghi resigns

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella “took note” this Thursday morning of the resignation of Mario Draghi, after an interview of about thirty minutes. “The government will remain in charge to manage current affairs,” announced the secretary general of the presidency.

The resigning Prime Minister had announced at 9 a.m. before the Chamber of Deputies his intention to confirm his resignation with the Head of State. The decision of the former central banker was taken “in the light of the vote expressed yesterday by the Senate,” said the head of government.

Wednesday, in a vote of confidence, the 5 Star Movement, the League and Forza Italia decided to desert the ballot, effectively withdrawing from the national unity majority of which he was a part. The political crisis now formally open is in the hands of Sergio Mattarella. According to protocol, he must now meet with the presidents of the two chambers. The most likely next step is the dissolution of parliament and the calling of early legislative elections no earlier than the end of September.

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