Mario Balotelli and Raffaella Fico celebrate the first communion of their daughter Pia together

A scene that has del surreal, if you think about the past between the two. Nevertheless, Mario Balotelli And Raffaella Fico they celebrated their daughter’s first communion together happily and smiling Pia. The struggles, accusations and differences of the past years have vanished for the daughter, so much so that the player and the showgirl appeared again in harmony and close-knit. At the party in honor of Pia, Mario and Raffaella have chatted peacefully, exchanging cordial smiles. She was dressed in a white feather-trimmed suit, he more casual, wearing a black t-shirt, baggy pants and a cap on his head. Accompanying the fig was there Piero Neria Tuscan entrepreneur with whom he has been a couple for a year and who seems to have with his ex a relaxed relationship. The two shook hands and then sat together for a cigarette with friends. Balotelli instead participated in the event alonewithout Lionhis second son, nor Francesca Monte, with whom in not too recent times he had formalized a relationship and of which no trace can be seen on his social profiles. A unforgettable day for the little Pia on the Terrace of the Norman Tower a Naples.

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