Marine Le Pen announces: “I will not reapply for the Presidential elections, barring exceptional events”

End of the line. After three attempts to become President of the Republic, Marine Le Pen announces that he will no longer run in the elections “barring exceptional events. In an interview with Le Figarowhich will be published on Saturday in the newspaper, the leader of the Rassemblement National explains that he will never be running at presidential: “A priori – he explains – I think that three presidential elections already represent a path. Which allowed me to grow our ideas from 18% to 42%. In 10 years it’s not bad. I know for ours ideas this dynamic is not over ”. The central question is “who will carry them out in five years”, but now it is “too early to talk about it”. Of course, she added, “I’d like to see one emerge new elite “.

Le Pen points out that despite the defeat and the “lies” of his opponent Emmanuel Macron, the French chose her “as the first opponent” of the winner. For the legislative which in June will renew the French Parliamentthe right-wing leader has set specific objectives: “I would like to – explains a Le Figaro – that the democracy could give us the skills, the powers, which are those of the opposition. It’s not just about having a group. But to have all the means made available to theopposition in a living democracy. Such as, for example, the power to invest the Constitutional Council. Which would mean having at least 60 deputies. We could have wonderful surprises “.

The president, according to Marine Le Pen, “cannot explain to us that everything changes and continue to find it normal that the first opposition force finds itself, as in the last 5 years, with only 6 deputies. We need to find a democratic functioningor normal, demanding and mature “. As for the leadership in the National Rassemblement, Le Pen states that he “will talk about it after the legislative”: “Our movement has had a strong evolution – he says – like society and the country. It’s time for great transitions: demographic, economic, ecological and technological. Movements must adapt to these new themes, challengeseven dangers “.

The role of the right therefore in the next few years it will be, in his opinion, “on the one hand, conceive the national project of the 21st century, on the other hand, to bring out a new elite”. Jordan Bardella – who has led the party since Le Pen began the electoral campaign – “it seems to me very well located to do so ”, he stressed. “And on the other hand – she concluded – this one seems to me to be one of the greats bankruptcies by Emmanuel Macron: he failed to bring out anyone new. To be convinced of this, it was enough to follow the images of his investiture: he is the old elite ”.

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