Marine El Himer in a relationship with Sisika (JLC Family)? This clue says it all

A few days ago, we learned on social networks that Marine El Himer was single again after separating from the footballer she had been dating for several months… Which suggested that she would again be a heart to take for the filming of Marseillais which has just started in South America! Marine El Himer, who confided with her sister Océane on Benjamin Samat and shocked Internet users would already have someone else in sight … The writing of melty offers you to find out more without further delay here below, and it’s completely unexpected!

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Marine El Himer and Sisika as a couple? – Credit (s): Instagram mayamo_tv

On this post made by the Instagram account Mayamo_TV, we can see that Marine El Himer is currently spending time … With Sisika! The rapper and emblematic candidate of the JLC Family He also lives in Dubai, and he has had love stories with several small screen stars, such as Maeva Ghennam or Astrid Nelsia. Could Marine El Himer be his next conquest?

On these two Instagram stories, Marine El Himer and Sisika do not hide and show that they spend time together. If the two candidates have not made official that they were more than friends for the moment, these videos have not gone unnoticed by Internet users, who are closely monitoring this reconciliation.… To be continued! Also discover here the message that Marine El Himer sent to her sister on the set of the Marseillais.

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