Marine and Océane El Himer still at war because of Benjamin Samat? These images make Internet users react

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Thursday, November 18 on 6play, Internet users were able to discover the new program Dressing VIP by Maeva Ghennam, presented by the famous Marseille. In this brand new program, the young woman goes to different dressing rooms of reality TV stars to discover their clothes, and takes the opportunity to collect some crispy confidences … As in the episode where she finds Océane and Marine El Himer, who would be cold with Manon Marsault as this clue suggests! The twins spoke at one point in their story with Benjamin Samat, and made some unexpected revelations …

On this extract relayed by the Instagram account Nassir_TV, we can see Maeva Ghennam asking the two young women to talk about a piece that they bought and that they no longer like … Marine El Himer is categorical, it is the dress that Benjamin Samat gave her, and that she no longer wants in her dressing room! With humor, Océane answers: “I like it! So I can put it on” ?

A funny remark when we know that the two young women shared the same ex, and which makes Maeva Ghennam laugh a lot… In the comments, Internet users react: “And they laugh like crazy… Having the same ex as her sister but what a shame “,” They talk all the time about Benji, it’s hot “,” But what a cinema “… The writing of melty also reveals here Maddy’s confidences on her relationship with Benjamin Samat.

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