Marina Tsvetanova from “Court Dispute”: I am divorced, I have a new love!

Joro Ignatov must be prime minister. It is concrete, accurate and clear and has a vision for the future. Judge Ivan Sotirov will certainly be the Minister of Justice and Interior. Nana can head several ministries because, as a typical Aries, she does very well on several fronts. And for myself – I become Minister of Tourism because I love to travel and I would be very useful in this area.

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Joro Ignatov was nominated for prime minister by the beauty

This cabinet was drawn in front of Bulgaria Today by Mrs. Bulgaria 2019 Marina Tsvetanova. Apart from her beauty titles, the charming brunette has become one of the new emblematic faces of the show “Court Dispute” on Nova TV. For months, Marina has been better known as Bailiff Tsvetanova, who is close to presenter Nana Gladuish and Judge Ivan Sotirov.

Without betraying the tradition, Marina exercised her right to vote on Sunday as well. But this time with a far different solution.

“For the first time, I could not support anyone, to be honest. Neither in the presidential elections nor in the parliamentary elections. Because we see the division in the last caretaker governments. President Radev, instead of being a unifier, is a divider. The last ministers failed. to complete enough of the tasks they had set for themselves during the official cabinet. That is why I did not support anyone and for the first time I used this option in the voting “, Bailiff Tsvetanova told Bulgaria Today.

Nana Gladuiš

Nana Gladuiš

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She is adamant that it is an absolute mockery for those who vote for the third time to go to the polls this year.

“Politicians cannot make an adequate decision to form a simple government. This should definitely not happen this time. Reasonable decisions must be made and compromises must be made between the parties, because everything is a complete mess at the moment. And in “Education, and especially in healthcare. We see what inflation there is, but the topic is silent. Absolutely all products, materials and fuels are very high and this somehow passes between the drops. The topic is mentioned only occasionally,” said Mrs. Bulgaria.

Judge Ivan Sotirov

Judge Ivan Sotirov

That is why there is nothing accidental in the draft office ordered by Marina. She relies on her famous colleagues to head the country because she is more convinced of their leadership qualities than any other contender for power.

“Every day of May has been different. There is a lot of dynamism and the team is amazing. I didn’t believe I would have the privilege of working with such unique people. A perfectly worked machine. We continue shooting with full force. There are many new surprises ahead.” she spared no praise for the appropriate statesmen she named.

I got divorced, I have a new love

“I recently divorced, and Joro Ignatov was my lawyer in the case. I am currently enjoying a new love. He is a famous businessman from Plovdiv. Things are developing quickly and dynamically for me. I am happy both personally and professionally,” he said. in front of Bulgaria Today Marina.

She has been separated from her ex-husband Tsvetanova for many months, but only now the decision for the official divorce has been announced.

“It is by mutual consent, there are no problems. We understand each other perfectly, we support each other as parents. In the end, the most important thing is the upbringing and education of the child we have created. We have absolutely no conflicts,” said Mrs. Bulgaria.

There was no specific reason for the separation, Marina said. “We had differences that we failed to smooth over time,” she added.

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