Marina sneaks a peek at Lipe Ribeiro’s underwear on ‘On Vacation With Ex’ and shoots: ‘Isn’t that all’

Lipe Ribeiro is back with ex-girlfriend after making out reality

Lipe wasn’t the only one who “got it” in “De Férias Com o Ex”, the former BBB Lumena did the same, but is not in a serious relationship. According to Gabriel Perline, from iG Gente, Lipe left the third season of the program compromised with Andressa Castorino.

🇧🇷It’s an ex that I always had a great relationship with🇧🇷 I was happy when she got in, even though she got in there shooting like five shots with a rifle, but everything went well. We have a very good relationship andAbove all, we are very friends“, he said in an interview.

Even with Andressa leaving the sea in the first episode, Lipe explained that the relationship did not happen during the recordings. of the program that he forbade his ex-fiancée to participate.

“I didn’t go out [do reality] falling in love. It might have been after a month, two months (laughs). But, in fact, from the other seasons I left. Dating Dessa wasn’t inside, it was outside. We always had a very good relationship, a lot will happen. Our relationship it’s a roller coaster. Who thinks we’re going to get married… that’s not going to happen in there”, said Lipe.

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