Marina Ruy Barbosa saved a fan’s life after a comment on a social network. Know how!

The touching testimony of a fan caught the attention of Marina Ruy Barbosa, who went out of his way to help her. According to columnist Léo Dias, the redhead, who was once again involved in a controversy over betrayal after Bruno Gagliasso’s statement, would have prevented fan Layla Gomes from taking her own life.

Layla said on her social network that after Marina declared that women need to be heard and validated after complaints of sexual harassment, she took courage and left a comment on the actress’s page about the abuse she suffered from a family member throughout her childhood. In the message that caught the artist’s attention, Layla stated that she was going to kill herself.

Quickly, Marina sent a private message to the young woman, who did not see it because she was away from her cell phone, already preparing to take her own life. Realizing that she was unable to make contact with the girl, the actress did not give up and called Layla’s then-boyfriend, whose @ was featured on the fan’s profile. “She sent him a message, telling him what I was trying to do and he managed to help me in time”, reported the fan, who also said that Marina managed to get her to seek psychiatric help.

Marina Ruy Barbosa presented a fan with a special camera


In addition to acting at the right time to prevent a tragedy, Marina still remained in contact with Layla, to learn about the progress of the treatments she was doing. “She was always very attentive, she always asked how my psychiatric treatment was going, how I was dealing with the whole situation, if the medications were working, she was always worried and asked me how I was”, she assured.

And when she saw that the girl was interested in recording videos for YouTube, Marina decided to present her with a modern camera, valued at around R$5,000. “This is a very expensive camera, which I would never be able to buy. If it wasn’t for Marina I would be recording on my cell phone until today”, said Layla.

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