Marina Ruy Barbosa reflects on her professional life: "I gave up on many things"

Marina Ruy Barbosa he reflected on his professional life and vented, on social networks, about giving up certain things to be able to chase his dreams, this Monday (10/01).

Through her Instagram stories, the actress wrote: “Today I’m emotional (more than usual). You have no idea how much it means to me, seeing Shop Ginger growing in such a short time (but with a lot of work, yes) . Every time I see a piece developed and made by all of us come to life and create history in your daily lives, I get so emotional.”

Marina continued: “I’ve given up many things during my life to chase dreams and seek professional growth. I’ve heard that I work too much, that I should care less. would be able to build a business from scratch like this without experience.”

“But they are my dreams. And I need to believe in them. And believe in me. And see that things are working out, gives me such a great affection in my heart”, he added.

Recently, the artist talked to her followers and commented on how she deals with toxic people in the work environment: “Look, it’s not easy, right? There are people who are toxic and don’t even realize it (with a comment, an attitude). they are fake and really mean. I’ve already been very disappointed with people who were around. Regarding everything… Today I realize that I closed myself off a lot.”

“Which is good and bad. I’ve always been very nice, sweet to everyone, I talked, I really chatted. But today I can’t be so open with people,” she said at the time.

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