Marina Ruy Barbosa posted photo with new boyfriend and resemblance to ex draws attention from the web

Marina Ruy Barbosa reacts to rumors about her brand

Marina Ruy Barbosa’s brand generated some speculations before the launch of the physical store. Officially launched just over a year ago, rumors surfaced that Shop Ginger would have an investment from a financial group or an entrepreneur. On social networks, the actress expressed herself on the subject.

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When talking about the rumors on Twitter, Marina adopted an ironic tone.

“I understand that it’s hard to understand and believe that behind my brand there isn’t a large group and especially that I don’t have a man’s money in the company. Sorry, but there never was,” pointed out the 26-year-old artist, who has reconciled her career artistic and business”.

“Any news about this is a lie. Learn to give credit to women, guys. There were already interested funds and investors, yes, but the company was not sold.”

“Much less (brand) Ginger was injected with capital from any entrepreneur or group. Once again, we need to learn to respect the story of women who make their own way. “I’m my own old lady on the speedboat!” she joked.

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