Marina Ruy Barbosa gets involved in controversy with Jorge and Mateus during the show. Understand what happened!


In a note sent to iG’s Em OFF column, Marina Ruy Barbosa’s press office denies that she has been barred. The representatives claim that, at that time, the ascent was prevented to comply with safety protocols., since the actress was accompanied by a group of friends. The staff also claims that the show’s production acted with kindness and that it was themselves who chose to watch the show from another location.

already the team of Jorge & Mateus alleges that there was a communication problem and that no request from Marina Ruy Barbosa reached them.. “It is good to clarify that in all the shows there are hirings by the contractor of other workers who play the role of security (and other functions within the general production) – most of these hired people we do not even know”, explained the duo’s team, in note sent to Keila’s column.

The sertanejos also reinforced their admiration for Marina’s work. “Would be welcome at any show as well as watching the stage performance together with us“, says the note.

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