Marina Ruy Barbosa cries with Luísa Sonza’s speech about haters: ‘They think they know about people’s lives’

Marina Ruy Barbosa took to social media to talk about an interview given by Luísa Sonza to “Saia Justa”, on GNT. In a heavy outburst about haters, the singer recalled the phase of her life in which she was very attacked and judged on social media.

In the interview, Luísa said that, at the time, he thought he was going to die. “Listen. Watch. Gossip is gossip. Panic is no joke. Internet is not court. You don’t know the pain that each one goes through and their truths. You think you know about people’s lives but you don’t. You know excerpts, often distorted and taken out of context by click and audience,” the actress began.

“You are going to create a generation of idols and people in the media that are increasingly distant, superficial and afraid of it all. Fear of hate. A generation that will often walk away from everything for survival”, completed the girlfriend of deputy Guilherme Mussi.

Luísa Sonza thought she was going to die with the attacks of hate


In the interview, Luísa opened her heart about a delicate moment in her life. When she broke up with Whindersson Nunes and, soon after, assumed a relationship with Vitão, the comedian’s fans thought that the singer had betrayed her ex. The cursing didn’t stop. When the son of Whindersson Nunes and Maria Lina passed away, Luísa had to step away from social media for a moment because she was blamed for the child’s death.

“I didn’t know what else to do, my mind couldn’t take it anymore. Therapy, medicine, they didn’t work. I wanted to die. When they started releasing the recordings of TV shows in the pandemic, I was going on my first trip. I got on the plane and the people were cursing me! I rented a boat in the middle of the sea and people were cursing me.

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