Marilyn Manson: They reveal what the room was like where he would have committed sexual harassment against several women

Singer Brian Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson, continues in the eye of the storm after the multiple complaints against him for allegedly sexually abusing several women were made public.

Rolling Stone magazine revealed dramatic testimonies from the victims, who agree that the singer had a torture room in which he sexually subjected different women.

The journalistic investigation indicates that this place was located in Manson’s apartment in West Hollywood and was known as “Bad Girls Room”, that is, the “Room of the Bad Girls”.

According to the victims, Marilyn Manson locked them up for hours in this space to commit physical and psychological abuse and to sexually abuse them without their being able to be helped. They add that these harassments have caused paralyzing episodes of anxiety, depression, panic attacks and post-traumatic stress.

The room would have been the recording booth of an electronic music studio, so it was an area that was soundproof, that is, no noise entered or left.

A judicial source told Rolling Stone magazine that this space “was completely black and was decorated with blood, swastikas and clippings from pornographic magazines.”

Manson’s former assistant, Ashley Walter, also gave her testimony to the well-known magazine. She assures that the singer always joked and boasted of having a “Bad Girls Room”.

Ashley Morgan Smithline, the singer’s ex-girlfriend, also revealed that she was forced to stay in this torture room. “At first he made it sound great, then he made it sound very punitive. Even if I had screamed no one would have heard me […] you fight first and he enjoys it. I learned not to fight, because that was what he wanted “he pointed to the magazine.


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