Marília Mendonça’s resemblance to her son surprises the web and the photo goes viral. Look!

Son of Marília Mendonça still doesn’t know about his mother’s death

In a recent interview with “Fantástico”, Ruth Moreira said that Leo still doesn’t know that his mother died. The boy believes that Marília is working. She intends to tell about the tragedy “slowly”.

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“He still doesn’t understand what’s going on. For him, his mother went to work, as we always told him: ‘Mother is working’. Because if he looks at her bedroom door closed, he says ‘Mommy’. He wants to go there, he wants to knock, he wants to go in. Sometimes I would go in with him, I would say: ‘Mom isn’t here, no, Mom is working,'” he reported.

João Gustavo, Marília’s brother, explained that they are still thinking about the best way to tell the little one about the singer’s early departure. “We’ve already thought of several ways, right? I even mentioned these to my mother: we’re going to talk about the little star, about the queen. His mother was a queen, she was a queen in Brazil, she was the queen of Brazil” , commented.

Ruth does not want her grandson to be affected by feelings of pain

Ruth also highlighted a great motivation to be strong is her grandson, that she does not want to be affected by the feelings of pain and longing for the family:

“I cried a lot for two days, not later. Because I have my grandson, and if he sees me crying, he’ll despair, right? The first few days I ran upstairs and cried, cried. Howled, you know? I screamed inside. then I would wash my eyes and go play and sing his little songs with him, fall on the floor, play ball… And he just laughs. it’s time for me to play with him'”.

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