Marie Sophie Lacarrau: “I lived in the dark for two months. It’s a disease that hurts a lot.”

She will go back to television news. After long months of absence, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau finds her seat as presenter of the famous 13 hours of TF1. In December 2021, she revealed that she suffered from amoebic keratitis, an eye disease responsible for visual loss.

Because of this pathology, she had to follow heavy treatments as told to the Parisian (source 1). “I lived two months in the dark. It is a disease that hurts a lot, like its treatments. You feel like you have gravel or shards of glass in your eye. The pain radiates to the head and teeth. Impossible to imagine that it would be so long, so painful. (…) Today, I smile. But it was a bad time.”

“If I resume, it means that everything is back to normal”

Five months later, the hardest part is finally behind her and it is with impatience that she will find the viewers on Monday, May 16: “I’m doing so much better! Finally, I look ahead and no longer behind. Knowing that I’m back on the air on Monday is enough to make me happy. During my months of absence, I waited to resume a normal life and my work”.

But, there was no question of taking the slightest risk, so this return was carefully prepared by the journalist and validated by specialists in corneal pathologies. “For the past ten days, I’ve tested a day’s work : in the morning I wrote a diary to get him used to the computer and in the afternoon I recorded fake news. My eye reacted very well. If I resume, it’s because everything is back to normal”, concludes Marie-Sophie Lacarrau.

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