Marie Nasemann: Marie Nasemann reveals: "This is not so easy"

Marie Nasemann has been working for years to break through the perfect illusory world on Instagram. She keeps posting so-called “Instagram vs. Reality” photos – and now speaks openly about how difficult it is for her to love her body the way it is after pregnancy and childbirth.

If you scroll through the Instagram feed of entrepreneur and podcaster Marie Nasemann, 33, you quickly notice: your photos are not distorted by Photoshop processing or filters, the model shares blunt moments from life with his husband Sebastian Tigges and their two children . Marie discusses the ups and downs of life both in the couple’s podcast and on Instagram. Now the ex-GNTM model is looking for a discourse with his fans on a sensitive topic: self-love after pregnancy and birth.

Model starts appeal in her community

Marie Nasemann writes on Instagram: “Self-love and body acceptance after 3 pregnancies, 2 births and breastfeeding is not that easy… I got great tips from you on how this can be done more easily and of course I would like to share them with you! You can think of anything else what? Have you had any experience with one or the other tip? What worked for you? What didn’t help at all?”. The mother of two posts a photo of herself in the elevator. The 33-year-old wears a zebra-look bikini top and black trousers.

Marie Nasemann finds it difficult to accept her body

In previous posts, Marie made it public that she found it difficult to accept her body, especially her breasts, after the birth of her two children, writing: “I’m also sad that my breasts are very small after breastfeeding two children. But I try to love them anyway. Sebastian Tigges loves them anyway, let’s see if I can make friends with them…”. As a result, the model received many tips and well-intentioned advice from its community, which it is now sharing in a photo carousel.

Self-acceptance: Marie Nasemann shares tips from her fan community

For example, a fan writes that self-love does not come overnight. Time is an important factor. Another fan says gratitude has helped him or her: “Look in the mirror, thank your body, think about all the things you can do.” The reactions are also piling up in the comments, some with tips, some with fans reporting on their own experiences.

It is possible that this is exactly what Marie Nasemann wants to achieve with her bluntly honest postings: to create awareness that she and we are not alone with our fears and worries – and that sometimes it is most helpful to talk about them. Considering the countless comments on her picture, she did it too.


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