Marie exposes the identity (and indecent proposal) of a (much) older man: “There was still a way…”

Marie is one of the most reachable national influencers on social media. Despite this, she only became a known figure to most Portuguese after her participation in “Big Brother Famosos”.

Since then, the eccentric former competitor has gained greater visibility and on social networks she shares her day-to-day. However, the “dark face” of the networks has been exposed by Marie, who made a point of exposing yet another case of harassment.

Marie shared the message with the “indecent” proposal she received from a much older man: “If it wasn’t for the ‘junk iron’ on the snout, there would still be a way….”could be read.

The influencer replied: “I ignore too many digital bans and I find myself ‘forgetting’ that being virtual or not… is not ok and acceptable and there are women and girls going through this beyond the virtual”.

“Hannibal with junkyard or not…it’s a NO anyway!”, finished yet.

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