Mariastella Gelmini leaves Forza Italia for the failure to vote of confidence in Draghi: “I can’t stay a minute longer”

The government crisis has unleashed a political earthquake that is also testing the strength of individual parties. And to pay the price on the hottest day, that of the presence of Mario Draghi in the Senate, it is Come on Italy with the minister for regional affairs and autonomies, Mariastella Gelminiwho first clashes with some senators of his party, becomes the protagonist of a question and answer with Licia Ronzulli and then, when the prospect of the end of the executive led by the former ECB has become increasingly concrete, he announces his farewell to the formation of Silvio Berlusconi: “This Forza Italia is not the political movement in which I played for almost 25 years. I cannot stay a minute longer in this party “, he wrote in a note adding that” Forza Italia has definitively turned its back on Italians, families, businesses, productive classes and its history, and has given the scepter to Matteo Salvini“.

The exponent of the forced-flag government was triggered by the declarations of vote of his now former party comrades who, unlike the moderate wing represented among the government benches, have taken far more radical positions by announcing that they have no intention of vote trust. A stance that triggered Gelmini’s reaction who, according to parliamentary sources, hurled himself against some senators, so much so that upon leaving the classroom he also had a quarrel with Ronzulli: “Go cry to another part e get yourself Xanax“, The departed companion told her. Her response: “Are you happy now that you sent the government home?”

“At the end of the debate in the classroom, the minister got up from the government benches and approached the benches of the Forza Italia senators where they were sitting Gallon, Toffanin intimidating and pointing the index finger verbally attacking them by screaming and accusing them of wanting the government to fall, ‘to follow Ronzulli’s line’. In reality, the news of these days testifies to my constant commitment to find a solution of continuity, and dozens of people have witnessed this ”, explained the exponent of Forza Italia.

While Gelmini then presented the reasons behind his decision to leave the party: “I listened to the speeches in the Chamber of League and Forza Italia – he explained -, learning the desire not to vote for confidence in the government (exactly what the 5 Star Movement last Thursday). In a dramatic moment for the life of the country, while war is raging in the heart of Europe and in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, a pro-European, Atlanticist, liberal and popular political force today would have chosen to stay, without ifs and buts , on the side of Mario Draghi. If the damage caused to the country by the convulsions of the 5 Star Movement were taken for granted, I would never have imagined that the center-right of the government would have succeeded in the almost impossible mission of taking Conte’s responsibility for the crisis: it was not easy, but when to dictate the line it is a populist-driven League, concerned only with chasing Giorgia Melonithese are the results ”.

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