Marianne and William did not expect this when they adopted a puppy: “Can you imagine if we had a child at home?”

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Marianne Fraser and her fiance William bought the puppy, Thor, from a breeder on October 17th. If the first moments were idyllic, the puppy quickly showed an aggressive character, less than a week after arriving at the Frasers.

At first he attacked Marianne by hanging on to her legs and biting her, the photos speak for themselves.

Following overly repetitive attacks, the couple decided to part ways with the dog.


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“He started to challenge Marianne, clinging to her and not letting go, then the bites started. After a few days, it got worse and Marianne was attacked in the face, ”he explains in his Facebook post.


“It is with a heavy heart that I announce it, but I want people to know that I bought a puppy from Fawnest kennels and that I need to report them so that it never happens again. I loved this little dog from day one, got him, took him for long walks in the park, gave him the best food possible… But we saw a dramatic change in week two ” .


“We stayed optimistic with him and brought in a trainer, which didn’t bring any improvement. After a few days, Marianne was attacked in the face. Imagine if we had a child at home! “


Thor was taken in by Julie Nevett, who runs a rescue center specializing in retraining puppies for military or police purposes.

She wrote on Facebook that she had received another dog from the same litter, which she named Thor 1, due to similar behavior issues and criticized the breeder.

“I feel sorry for the two owners, not only did they lose a significant amount of money and their puppy, but they have quite serious injuries. She explains to the Sun. “I hope the breeders are ashamed. “

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