Marianna and her brother Mattia lost three loved ones during the Strépy drama: “We thought we were supported, that’s not the case at all”

A real obstacle course: there are no other words to describe what Mattia and Marianna Imperiale are going through. During the tragedy of Strépy, brother and sister lost their dad, Salvatore Imperiale, their aunt, Michelina Imperiale and their uncle, Mario Carascano. In addition, to be faced with the loss of three relatives, they had to start many administrative procedures.

The main thing for them is to make sure that their legal insurance will support them to go to trial.

►► And obviously, This will not be the case…

►► “We thought we were supported, this is not the case at all”, Mattia is indignant.

►► The reaction of the insurer.

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