Mariana Rios opens photo album of trip to Noronha and posts record with Bruno Montaleone

Mariana Rios denies affair with Bruno Montaleone

According to the newspaper “Extra”, Bruno and Mariana were seen kissing during the trip. In conversation with followers, the actress denied the rumors.

“I’m not one to talk about my personal life, but now I felt a certain need because it’s bothering me a little…”, he said.

“For some time now, my name has been going out, ‘Mariana is kissing’, ‘Mariana is seen kissing’. But there’s no photo, no proof. Every hour they put me with a different person. It’s been a while,” he assured.

Recently, Mariana was also identified as Neymar’s affair and even Gusttavo Lima’s, during the time of separation of the sertanejo with Andressa Suita.

Mariana has not been in a new relationship since 2020, when she ended her engagement with Lucas Khalil after losing the baby she was expecting from the businessman.

In an interview with “Na Telinha”, Mariana Rios commented on her reputation as a flirt.

“Nowadays, people have the ability to fantasize about the lives of others and believe in what they themselves create. So I avoid talking, because everything is already very exposed and only I need to know about my life”, said the Minas Gerais woman.

“I let people talk, because I don’t talk about my personal life. I care if it’s something about my work, but as long as it’s gossip it doesn’t bother me,” said the actress.

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