Mariana Goldfarb walks with Sofia, daughter of Grazi Massafera and Cauã Reymond, and shows harmony with her stepdaughter

Daughter of Cauã Reymond and Grazi Massafera, Sofia stole the show on a walk with her stepmother, Mariana Goldfarb, this Monday (13). Smiling, the girl, who turned 10 in May, walked hugging the model through the corridors of a mall in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, showing that she has a great connection with the presenter.

Friendly, Mariana and Sofia were not intimidated by the paparazzo’s presence in the place. The influencer even waved at the photos. The tranquility with which Sofia already deals with the cameras has reasons: her parents are in the spotlight at all times. The little one showed habit and didn’t bother with the records.

To protect themselves from the cold, the two chose very warm clothes. While Sofia appeared in jeans and a long-sleeved sweatshirt, Mariana combined the colors of skin-tight pants with a high-necked blouse. To make the look even more comfortable, both wore sneakers.

Mariana Goldfarb shows the letter she got from her stepdaughter


Recently, Sofia went viral on the web when she wrote a letter to Mariana Goldfarb, who is often the target of haters on social media. In the note, the girl praises her stepmother and says she loves her.

“Get off Instagram and go live! Tia Mari, whenever someone calls you ugly, don’t believe it, because you’re so beautiful that you look like a fairy. I love you so much and they’re just jealous, because you’ve already left caterpillar stage and they didn’t understand,” he wrote.

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