Mariana Bridi reveals that her belly button became infected after surgery: "went bad"

Mariana Bridi revealed that she went through a perrengue after performing an aesthetic procedure and told, on social media, that her belly button became infected during the postoperative period.

Mari turned to stories on Instagram to talk about the surgery and commented on having to take antibiotics: “I started to feel a little bad. Then I discovered that my belly button, the scar had gone bad. I put on an orthosis, which is a silicone thing.”

The actress continued: “It went bad. I had a fever, but I already took the antibiotic and it will be fourteen days of medication. The scar wasn’t closed well and it became infected”, she explained.

The day before the procedure, Bridi admitted that she would undergo surgery to reduce her breasts, in addition to sewing up the diastasis that became large after two pregnancies: “And I’m going to take advantage and also remove the excess skin that was left on my belly, which is something that It took me a while to accept that it really bothered me”. The artist also said that she decided to make the physical change of her own volition.

“Always do it for yourself and never for others! My husband loves my breast the way it is, for example, but he knows that the breast is mine and I know what I should or shouldn’t do with it. Like the rest of my body “, said.

At age 36, Mariana is the mother of 3-year-old Valentim and 7-year-old Aurora, both fruits of her relationship with the actor. Rafael Cardosoto whom she is married.

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