Maria Vieira criticizes Manuel Luís Goucha and shoots: “It is not worth the ground you step on…”

Recently, on her Facebook account, Maria Vieira reflected on the fact that, in the past “Big Brother 2021”, the presenters chosen for the format were Manuel Luís Goucha and Cláudio Ramos.

“I came across this photo today on social media. It is a photo that portrays the duo of presenters of that disgusting and depressing program that has been shown repeatedly and for several years on TVI”, began by writing, and then launched some “barbs”:

“(…) And when I saw this photo, I couldn’t help but wonder why a television network that, among other things «very progressive and very cute», promotes «diversity», decided to choose two men, both homosexuals , to present the television show that is supposedly the most watched on your grid?”, shot.

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In the comments box, among the many reactions, one of the netizens came out in defense of Manuel Luís Goucha, praising the presenter for having taken, among other media figures, André Ventura, to his program:

“I don’t know the program and I don’t like the presenters. But once again I have to disagree on one point. I started to have more consideration for Goucha when I saw that he started to invite people that others didn’t invite, like Ventura and for being against political correctness. If there were many journalists like him and journalism in Portugal would be much better!”, he wrote.

In response, Maria Vieira then harshly criticized the TVI presenter:

“Goucha invited Dr. André Ventura but it was extremely unpleasant, very unsympathetic and quite arrogant with him! Only those who are too distracted, too naive or too stupid have not seen this! Goucha is nothing more than a hypocrite like most of the fauna that walks around on crappy television. Do not feed illusions with those who are not worth the ground they step on”.

In response to another internet user, who agreed with Maria Vieira about Manuel Luís Goucha, the actress added: “Well… Between the Goucha and a poisonous snake I prefer to live with the snake…😆”.

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