María Valenzuela recalled the moment when she was able to eat again: "I took a picture of the empty plate"

Maria Valenzuela He has a good time after the ordeal he experienced with his teeth, which did not allow him to eat food. This caused him to lose a lot of weight but he began to gain it back after the work of a professional and friend who repaired the damage in his mouth.

Accompanied by her dentist, who made it possible for her to return to her usual life, she told Angel of Brito in “THE M” the details of a recovery process -operation and treatment through- after the malpractice he suffered when a series of dental implants were placed in the wrong way.

It should be remembered that this circumstance prevented him from eating any type of solid substance and as a consequence he weighed just 35 kilos., with the aggravating circumstance of experiencing a delicate state of health in advanced stages. Y Maria Valenzuela that several weeks ago he traveled to the city of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, and stayed there for some time, to deal with the health problems he had suffered for more than three years, from the moment a dentist placed implants and something it went very wrong.

María Valenzuela was able to eat again.

“I spent a lot of time with my mouth open, with the drill, the lathe, while they tried to break my teeth that didn’t break”described about the long treatment that he undertook with great success.

And it was in the southernmost part of the world that Maria Valenzuela lived an experience that will be unforgettable. “I sat down to dinner in a restaurant for the first time. I ate the first plate and took a picture of the empty plate, main course and so on until dessert. And I ate perfect, all solid. I already gained 9 kilos.

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