Maria Simon: Maria Simon speaks openly about her divorce

Mary Simon
Open words about her divorce from Bernd Michael Lade

Mary Simon

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Acting stars Maria Simon and Bernd Michael Lade have separated after more than 15 years together. Now the “Polizeiruf 110” actress speaks for the first time about the difficult time of the divorce.

Maria Simon, 46, who became known primarily for her role as Olga Lenski in “Polizeiruf 110”, and Bernd Michael Lade, 58, said yes in 2004. They have three children together: two sons and a daughter. But in early 2021, it became known that the couple’s marriage had broken down. Now the actress finds emotional words for her divorce.

Maria Simon cried “oceans of tears”

Maria Simon and Bernd Michael Lade turned their backs on Berlin and moved to the country with their children. But the family idyll broke up. When it became public that the “Police Call” actress and the former “Tatort” commissioner were separated, they were said to have been divorced for a year. Simon now looks back on this painful time and gives an insight into her emotional world at the time.

Because the separation seems to have been anything but easy for the 46-year-old today. “I cried oceans of tears in my pain,” she told “Bunte”. A reason for the love was not yet known. Even now, the actress is covered in this regard and only reveals so much: “There was no one who had pushed into our marriage from the outside, we couldn’t handle ourselves anymore.”

Bernd Michael Lade and Maria Simon

Bernd Michael Lade and Maria Simon

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“I didn’t feel good enough for a long time”

Professionally, however, things could hardly go better for Maria Simon. It has been in business since the 1990s and has enjoyed great success. In addition to her starring role in “Polizeiruf 110”, she has appeared in several “Tatort” thrillers and numerous television films.

From January 9, 2023, the mother of three can be seen in the ZDF mini-series “Yesterday we were still children”. Although she is still a successful actress, Simon can already look back on a long career. It was not always easy for her in show business, as she now reveals. “For a long time I didn’t feel good enough, not beautiful enough. We women are often told how we should look. We are treated to sexy models as female role models. As the mother of a daughter, I wanted to get out of all these programs.”

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