Maria gave her father an ultimatum – ‘X Factor’ was his rescue: ‘He has been sober for eight months now’

“I’m actually here a little bit because of my dad,” it sounded from ‘X Factor’ contestant Maria Ranum in this year’s final audition program.

The 31-year-old school teacher from Brønshøj had a special personal mission with his participation: to help his father get rid of his alcohol problem.

“He always wanted me to sign up for ‘X Factor’,” Maria Ranum tells BT today

“So we agreed that if I signed up for ‘X Factor,’ he would go into rehab.”

Maria for audition.

Maria for audition.

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She says it’s something that’s been going on all her life.

“You do not drink all the time, but in periods, for a few months at a time, and then you are on antabus.”

Last year, her dad was in a good period where he had gotten a new girlfriend and a good job and Maria was afraid he would put it all out of control.

Therefore, the family gave the father an ultimatum. Either he went into treatment, or they had to withdraw a little from him.

Maria and her father.

Maria and her father.

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“And it’s so negative, everything you have to say, so I thought about how I could also get something positive with it, something that my father would think was really cool. A little carrot, “explains Maria, who decided to sign up for ‘X Factor’ to get her father involved in the idea.

“We’ve always had the music together. And I always said no when he asked if I would not sign up, but now I thought it might give him the last push to get going. And he was very, very happy when he heard that, and would do almost anything for me to do it, ”she says.

In addition to being a music teacher, Maria has been writing songs since she was 13 years old, and today has several of her songs on Spotify. Among other things, the song ‘One More Night’, which she sang for her ‘X Factor’ audition.

Still, she has never dared to jump out as a full-time musician, she says.

Maria and her father.

Maria and her father.

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»I think I have always been afraid of the uncertainty in the creative profession – whether you have a job – so therefore I have probably kept it on a hobby level. And then I thought that if one day something wild happened to my music, then it was just to take it as it comes. “

Her ‘X Factor’ audition was a success in several ways.

First, she got the judges’ yes and is tentatively among Thomas Blachman’s selected for the upcoming Six Chair Challenge round.

In addition, it became exactly the carrot for her father that she had dreamed of.

“He’s been sober for eight months now,” Maria says.

‘I signed up for’ X Factor ‘around May, where he then came into rehab and was until June. And today, he still has his girlfriend and his job, so it’s turned out to be a sunbeam story. I’m so proud of him. “

We have yet to reveal how far Maria will go in ‘X Factor’, but she does say that she was initially happy to be chosen to work with Thomas Blachman.

“I was hoping it was him, because he has been involved for so many years and has so much experience. And I did not know the others very well yet. “

How far Maria gets in ‘X Factor’ will be revealed in the coming Fridays.

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