Maria Botelho Moniz receives a (special) message from her boyfriend after opening night

The premiere of the Portuguese film “Irregular” took place this Tuesday night, November 16, at Cinema São Jorge, in Lisbon.

Maria Botelho Moniz, who is part of the cast, decided to mark the moment and, on her Instagram account, shared a photo in front of that space, writing in the caption:

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“It’s premiered. I’m still digesting everything I saw and heard tonight but one of these days I’ll write you something about this trip that is our “Irregular”. For now, I remember: the 18th at the cinemas 🧡 Now I’m just going to sleep there because tomorrow we have an appointment very early!”.

Among the many messages in the comment box, there was one that stood out. Pedro Bianchi Prata, boyfriend of the presenter and actress, insisted on expressing his happiness and wrote: “Proud of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”.

Now see:

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