Maria Botelho Moniz offers a chair to a guest: “It’s not fair to have to go down some red stairs…”

This Tuesday, January 11, another “Two at 10” aired, conducted only by Maria Botelho Moniz, on TVI, since Cláudio Ramos is on vacation.

One of the guests on this morning’s broadcast was Manuel Rosa, a 69-year-old man who, in February 2020, had a problem with a toe, which made him have to amputate his left leg.

In conversation with Maria Botelho Moniz, Manuel Rosa said that he recently lost his daughter and wife and that he currently lives alone and is confined to a wheelchair.

Since she needs a lift chair to be able to leave the house, Maria Botelho Moniz was not indifferent and offered to offer the object in question to Manuel:

“I’m going to do one thing…can I simplify your life? Let me? I don’t think it’s fair for someone who has gone through everything Manuel has gone through, to have to go down some stairs at almost 70 years of age with a red face on the floor because no one put him a chair there, can I do that for you?”, began by questioning, leaving the guest very emotional.

“No need to thank me, this one is on me, okay?”

“It will be 70 years for next month isn’t it? It’s my birthday present (…) we’ll go with our journalist there, let’s see how it is to put things there, check the budgets and let’s put a chair for her, it’s a gift from me”, he added.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart”, said Manuel Rosa, in tears, hugging Maria Botelho Moniz.

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