María Becerra would have made a scandalous request about China Suárez: "I want her away"

Although the versions indicated that María Becerra, China Suárez and Rusherking were in a moment of harmony and conciliationIt seems that “Argentinian babe” would have made a spicy request during a concert for do not cross paths with the renowned actress.

Just a few days ago the show that Tiago PZK gave over the weekendthe journalist Paula Silva witnessed an uncomfortable situation between the protagonists that he recounted in dialogue with John Etchegoyen in a Miter Live.

I saw an uncomfortable situation at that moment and María Becerra never wanted to cross paths with China Suárez, at one point a man approached her and separated her about 30 meters from where everyone was.“, the communicator began.

3 days ago La 100 – Cienradios The awkward moment of María Becerra, Rusherking and China Suárez in a recital

María ends up watching the show about 30 meters from where Tiago’s friends werethe organizers of the event told me that It was a request from Becerra not to cross paths with China Suárez”, he explained about the tense moment between the stars.

I want her far away, it was something like that I imagine what María said about Eugenia“, The announcer commented, to which Silva finished detailing: “Rusherking said at the time that it did not end well with María Becerra and the organizers told me this, that she would have asked not to cross China, it is a scandal because it was seen that the man pushed Maria aside and China automatically appeared there to see her boyfriend singing with Tiago”.

Look at everything about the spicy request that María Becerra made about China Suárez!

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