María Becerra showed her surprising physical change after several months in the gym: the video

About some months ago, María Becerra shares on her social networks that she is training and shows the hard physical routines she performs. After a while, the ex-partner of rushing he began to see a change in his body and decided to publish it for his followers.

There you can see her with a top and a thong. the singer of “Among us” showed his abdomen and turned around showing his body. “Getting into the gym in full”the artist wrote and she was seen to be happy with the evolution she achieved.

Likewise, He shared a second video where he films his legs and put: “My legs are more muscular”. Mary Becerra she was proud of herself, as well as for being constant despite being on tour.

At the moment, the ex-partner of rushing He decided not to comment on the new romance that the musician is experiencing. Nevertheless, It seems that the artist would have made a scandal when she saw China Suárez at a concert they shared and asked to keep her away.

María Becerra and Rusherking when they were a couple.

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