María Becerra defended Tini Stoessel after Leo García’s words: "speak from spite"

Just a few days ago, many were surprised at the harsh statements of Leo García, the singer and former participant of “The Hotel of the Famous“, against Tini Stoessel on their social networks.

La Tini saying ‘mijente’, baby you left the cradle of goldyou are there for your old man and your music is of a spiteful asshole that the only thing he thinks about is who the toxic one in your bun will be with“, criticized the artist on the themes of his songs.

Without being left behind and sincere as always, Mary Becerra defended her friend, with whom she launched the theme “Lie to Me“, and said everything to the singer-songwriter: If you don’t have talent, if you don’t have discipline, that doesn’t hold. Tiny is the best person i have met in the industrygood, generous, giving the opportunity to other artists, she is extremely talented, she sings, dances, composes and is dedicated to her work like nobody else. The success that she has is fully deserved.”.

María Becerra praised Tini Stoessel after Leo García’s words.

“The vast majority of us are very dedicated. Most of us compose our own songs and at the age of 22 I can compose a world hit. I will not accept that someone comes and devalues ​​it because it speaks of spite”, he reflected.

So, the ex of rushing He referred to the unknown themes they run through when creating themes:There are songs that talk about tremendous things and they’re out there. We have the responsibility that we are people who influence a lot in young people and adolescents, and being the age we are we bear that responsibility

And he closed forcefully at the press conference he gave in Santiago del Estero for his concert for the Day of the Friend: “We are working 24/7, we compose the songs and I think we break it, we carry the name of the country high, working and if it bothers him, talk out of spite and not listen to the music”.

Look at the alleged controversy in which Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul were involved!

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