Maria Alice’s 1st birthday: Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe show details of their daughter’s party invitation

Virgínia Fonseca comments on sleep in her second pregnancy

Recently, Virginia Fonseca shared with her followers a little bit of how the routine is going with the new pregnancy.

“Yeah, group… Now, during pregnancy, after-lunch nap became law again. I had lunch, played with Maria and now I’m going to take a quick nap here, because sleep is weeds, love, sleep is weeds”, he commented.

“I’m finished, thrown. This baby is taking all my energies for him. He’s going to be born on 220, you know? Sure, because I’m an energetic person. The energy is all going to him”, he observed.

Virginia Fonseca and Zé announced the pregnancy of their second child in early March, and the businesswoman stated that she wants to do “everything different this time, in relation to the pregnancy of Maria Alice”, her firstborn.

+ Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe’s house under construction will have 4 suites, one for each child

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