Margita took Zagorova to the hospital again: An unexpected decision

On Friday, he brought his Hanička Písnička home from the hospital after the collapse and thought that the check-up would be on Tuesday, according to the agreement with the attending doctor. But the situation changed and the doctor postponed the visit by one day. “I like her very much. I will do everything for her, “says Štefan, and time has confirmed his promises many times. He never speaks in the wind! Hanka has had health problems since she was killed. She was in the hospital for a long time, when she returned home she collapsed. Fortunately, the prudent Stefan checked her from a distance and let the apartment open. Then the singer went for blood changes twice a week and collapsed at home 14 days ago. “She lost consciousness after breakfast, I called an ambulance,” Stefan said. He was very worried about the woman.

Hana Zagorová openly: Another disease is taking its toll!

Postponed celebration and canceled baptism

Štěfan was looking forward to the baptism of his friend Michal Kindle’s board (33), but he had to cancel his plans because of his wife. On Monday, June 6, Hanka and Štefan also had their 30th wedding anniversary. They celebrated it with a delay when fate postponed it, but all the more gratefully.

Hanka Zagorová turned out over time: He sent a message to the creators of his musical!

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