Margaux (Don’t forget the lyrics) transformed: Internet users shocked by her new nose …

Fans of the show “Don’t forget the lyrics” have been thrilled for two weeks. The France 2 channel indeed broadcasts the “Masters”, a kind of competition between all the greatest champions of the musical game. These new masters are literally synonymous with reuniting with former champions who have transformed over time.

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Last week, Julien, who had won a very good sum in 2015, made his comeback … after losing nearly 100 kilos! Transformed to the point that some viewers had difficulty recognizing him, the candidate explained that he had had an operation and felt much better now: “My weight loss has given me confidence in the image I am reflecting. I am therefore more ready to face my gaze in front of the camera (…) The body envelope I had until then was not not in tune with the image I could have of myself“he declared in the columns of Télé-Loisirs.

This Saturday, November 13, 2021, still within the framework of the masters, it is Margaux, the candidate who holds the record of earnings of the show, who surprised viewers with a whole new look. Eliminated in February 2020 after 59 victories and € 530,000 in earnings, the young woman has made her comeback and if she is still so knowledgeable about song lyrics, it is her nose that has been the object of all the comments. on social networks. The viewers indeed suspect the young woman of having had recourse to a rhinoplasty: “What do you think of Margaux’s new nose?“, Margaux has redone her nose ??? It changes a person complement. In profile I do not recognize her “, “Hard to get used to the new face of Margaux!“,“She did something to his nose Margaux?” , “What is this Margaux nose it was better the other lol”, can we read in particular on Twitter.

Eleanor de la Fontaine

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