Marešová tans her belly! That she has 7 extra pounds?

About Monica Marešová he is known to have a sense for detail. Her instagram profile is minimalist and she didn’t show more than necessary in the picture with her belly exposed. The setting mother posed on the white beach, but she intimately wrapped the picture in a black-and-white veil. Monika admitted that her pregnancy has added 7 kilos so far. However, she did not reveal more. Even the sex of the baby will not be revealed to the public yet. The couple themselves decided to be surprised.

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Monika Marešová in the Maldives.


photo: Instagram

The equipment will be tuned to neutral colors. Monika, whose fashion taste is an inspiration for many women, would still not choose the stereotypical combination of pink for a little girl, blue for a little boy. “I have to say that I would buy the same colors as gray, beige, white, even if I knew the gender. Anyone who knows me knows that if it was a little girl, it wouldn’t be pink anyway. “ added Monika Marešová in an interview for

Monika Marešová with her son, who outgrew her: How the last meeting with Karel Gott went?

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