Mareš surprised Monika in the locker room with a well-known singer

Leoš tours his two-hour show, accompanied by singers Mares Republic for some time now. And now it will come! When the moderator went to take a shower during a performance in Ostrava, he came across a towel of a slightly smaller size. “But what was I supposed to do? I risked it. Normally I wiped myself, put the towel around my waist, but as small as it was, it was not possible to wrap it around my whole body, “Leoš Mareš briefly acquainted the audience with the incident.

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Mares sent a loving message to Monica: I am very proud of you. Why?

“It only went around one side and intimate places. Basically I was half naked! But so, I say, it’s only fifty meters to the locker room, I’ll run it somehow. I ran to my locker room and my wife and Janek were there Ledecký. I was just the towel, I was really completely naked, so I was ashamed in front of him, until it occurred to me that he had the song We are short about it. That calmed me down a bit, “Mareš added with a sly smile, according to Sedmička magazine.

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Leoš Mareš in a secret lawsuit!

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