Mareile Hoeppner: "I think Heidi Klum is strong"

Mareile Hoeppner
“I think Heidi Klum is strong”

Mareile Hoeppner

© Franziska Krug / Getty Images

In the current issue of GALA, Mareile Höppner talks about her self-confidence in front of the camera.

From January 10th she is the new presenter of the weekly magazine “extra” (RTL, Tuesdays, 10:35 p.m.). She is at an “age when you feel safer. You no longer question every dent on your thigh or whether your butt is too big for the skirt.”

Mareile Höppner: She admires that about Heidi Klum

She also says: “I would like to send an appeal to all women that we can be and dress as we want.” A positive example is top model Heidi Klum, 49. Höppner, 45, at GALA. “I don’t agree with everything Heidi Klum does, but I think it’s strong that she says: I am me, this is my life, this is my body.”


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