Mare out 2, Carolina Crescentini: “Paola will face a new trauma”

Sea Out 2: a still photo from the second season

From November 17 we find it on Rai Due in the role of Paola Vinci, the director of the Juvenile Institute of Naples, who brought her principles to that rehabilitation place: rules, discipline and punishment. Carolina Crescentini thus returns among the boys of Sea Out, the series that tells the story of the young inmates of a juvenile prison. The first season ended with the death of Ciro, the second restarts from that wound bringing back many of its protagonists on stage and opening the door to new characters as well. We talked about it with the actress, who tells us what this journey to a place of redemption and redemption meant for her.

Paola, between a sense of guilt and new pains

The first episode of the series opens between the adults’ feelings of guilt towards the kids they were supposed to protect. What will be the focus of the new season

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Artem Photo by Sabrina Cirillo Dsc00947 Copy

Sea out 2: a scene photo

The death of one of the IPM boys in the finale of the previous season created a shock especially in commander Massimo, who should guarantee safety inside. Massimo is unable to overcome the trauma, he feels broken and will be like this for a long time until he regains the strength to face it. Ciro’s death will have a series of consequences on everything, because it will trigger a feeling of revenge. There is a lot of tension.

How will Paola deal with this re-establishment of equilibrium?

Compared to Massimo she will be calmer and perhaps even cold, it is a shock for her too and an even bigger one will arrive, but she must have the ability to manage everything while being very worried about Carmine and Filippo, two fish out of water. anything can happen in there, especially now. He is in control but not in self-flagellation as is the case with the commander.

Where does your determination come from?

Carolina Crescentini And Carmine Bear Photo By Sabrina Cirillo Dsc04507

Sea Out 2: an image from the second season

The difference compared to the first season of Mare fuori is that now Paola has gained experience in the field, which she did not have before and which allows her to remain cold and make decisions or to be terribly emotional and therefore empathetic. Now he knows how to compare with the boys, he knows them, even if new ones will arrive, and he is more able to manage the situation.

The Camorra gets angry, but the boys continue to fall in love.

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Luckily they are guys! Their purity breaks your heart and is what allows them to believe in friendship and love in a total and absolute way. Even on the set this purity envelops you, it was as if they were doing the most important thing in the world.

Mare Fuori, Carolina Crescentini: “A country that does not focus on young people is dead”

How will your relationship with Naditza evolve?

Carolina Crescentini Vincenzo Ferrera Carmine Bear Photo By Sabrina Cirillo Dsc01748 Copy

Mare out 2: Carolina Crescentini in one scene

Both Poala Vinci and I are absolutely in love with Naditza. She has enormous potential, she comes from a complex family who wants to decide her future, so she goes to get it, but it is very difficult to break away from them. Paola will help her in all possible ways, because she cannot accept that she ends up in those dynamics again: it is her future and she wants her to be a free woman. Therefore Paola invests in Naditza in so many ways, she does everything for her and even gets back in touch with her ex-husband. She is fast, awake, she is a special and multifaceted character, she makes her feel alive and puts her in crisis as Nina does with the absolute purity of love, almost from a fairy tale, but sometimes it does us good to go back to fairy tales.

The legacy of Mare fuori

Among the new entries of the very young cast, who impressed you the most?

Her name is Kyshan Clare Wilson and she plays Kubra. She’s half English and half Jamaican, but she’s been living in Italy for a while, I bet you are crazy. Even during the scenes where she had no lines, she looked at me in a way that pierced your soul, there’s a world inside her. And then he has a movie story: he reads the announcement for the casting of Mare fuori in which he was looking for a black girl, he sends the photos and the curriculum, he does the audition and passes it. A fairy tale!

What will Mare leave you out?

Nicoloc Galasso Photo by Sabrina Cirillo Dsc00554

Sea Out 2: a scene from the second season

The series brought me to meet some wonderful guys at a time when maybe I needed a little bit to mingle with another generation. Paola made me confront many issues, such as that of childless women and how they are seen by society. Paola carries with her an enormous suffering but she is a dignified person; many times I found myself in scenes with jokes that were clearly a lack of respect and being able to reply from Paola made me feel very good.

Mare Fuori, the protagonists: “An enrichment always derives from the encounter between different people”

Do you think that facilities such as the juvenile penitentiaries where the series is set are effective for the recovery of children with difficult paths?

I have documented myself on some cases of child recovery and I think the work of people within the institutions is very important: it is the only way to transform heads or teach a profession. And then a good psychological work is necessary, I am proud to be part of this series because it tells about forgotten places that are not only places of detention, but also of transformation and redemption. You have to bet and give these guys some stimuli by changing their mentality. From this point of view Paola is very open and curious and has a very good collaborator, Beppe, a dreamer. His presence allows children to experiment and open their heads to the concept of freedom. She is a very strong woman and I like her to be respected.

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